Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lightbulb Moment! :)

Well I thought that I might do this every week but how about just whenever I have them. This weeks lightbulb moment is inspired by me. Why do you think we have embarrassing moments? I was pondering this the other day. Do you know what I think? We have embarrassing moments to share them! Life would be so dull if all of us were smart and refined at all times and never made any weird mistakes. Personally I love embarrassing moments. It is a great conversation starter on dates... "So... last summer I peed my pants" that one always gets a good conversation rolling. Maybe I am just weird but I love sharing my embarrassing moments with people, in fact maybe they shouldn't even be called that because they are embarrassing for a little bit but after awhile they just turn into funny moments. So I am going to share a couple of mine.
- Yes. I really did pee my pants last summer. I was at Youth Conference and some boys thought it would be funny to be a bear outside our tent. Well I already was about to go walk to the restroom when we thought we heard something. And then when the guy made an AMAZINGLY real sounding bear grunt right outside our tent there was no hope, I just couldn't hold it, I was too busy screaming "BEAR! HELP!"
- I have stolen a man's water bottle right out of his hands at Lagoon before because I thought the guy was my dad. When he said "Hey, that is my water bottle." I laughed and walked away. Oops. Sorry dad lookalike.
- This one isn't too embarrassing just dumb.... In Washington at this fish market they had a bunch of jelly and jams you could sample. You sample them with little sticks on the side. Well after about my 5th sample I realized I was pulling out of the used sticks... Surprisingly I am still healthy.
- I totally forgot about this one but Brooklyn reminded me! So Junior Prom last year we went to The Lion House Pantry..(I think that is what it is called) It is really yummy! But anyway you stand in a line to get your food kind of like you did at school lunch except it is a lot better. Well I was pretty hungry and I saw these lovely mint chocolates. And I thought "oh, how nice complimentary mints, I will just take mine before dinner rather then after." So I took a mint, and I ate the delicious mint. Well as I was enjoying my mint I saw a sign next to the mints that was facing the other way so I turned it to see what it said. Well it said "Mints: $0.25 each." Crap.... I just stole a mint on temple grounds! And I didn't know what to do because I didn't have any money... and I felt bad making my date pay for a mint that he didn't even offer me. Well I was standing there sweating from my guilt and hiding the rapper and this girl in my group wouldn't stop staring at me. I thought, "She totally knows what I just did." and we stared at each other. FINALLY I did the right thing and told my date and told him I would pay him back (which he didn't make me do, he was more then happy to buy me a mint) So I am happy to say that I am not going to you know where for a twenty-five cent mint because I confessed!
So! Don't be embarrassed of your embarrassing moments! It makes life more exciting.


-The Frog Princess- said...

What about the stolen truffle at Junior Prom? hahaha. I hadn't heard the water at Lagoon one! Too funny!

~Amber jo~ said...

hahaha i'm serioualy laughing so hard right now. I'm tearing up!! i love you shaundra. and i love hearing your embarrassing moment. :)