Monday, June 20, 2011

Sometimes it is just the chair.... hehe

Well I don't have much to blog about this week so I decided to share an experience I had this lovely Sunday. I am a bit embarrassed I must say... and I just want to tell everyone that sometimes when there is a loud farting noise it is really just the chair! I was in singles ward which means there is many good looking men ;) haha and I got a HUGE wedgy. I can honestly say I have never been that uncomfortable in my life. Well wait. No. I lied. I have, but it was still extremely uncomfortable. And I was trying to pick it discreetly and gracefully when my leg scraped against the chair and made an awful farting noise... oops... Then I guess I wasn't thinking but right after that I decided the wedgy had to go so I walked out of the room to pick it. And I guess all my friends thought I just walked out of the room to fart because I wasn't gone long. It isn't my fault that I wanted to get back in so I could here the amazing lesson. It crossed my mind that I needed to be a little longer and go to the bathroom or something so it didn't look weird but I was like nah.. no one will think that. Psh! So everyone sometimes it is just a chair instead of a fart, and sometimes people leave the room for a very brief times for other things besides farting in the hall. So next time someone does that I will not be quick to judge her/him as a farter. And even if they did fart who really cares! Everyone farts!


-The Frog Princess- said...

HAHAHA!! I love this. And I love You! :)

Amy Griffin said...

That's funny! Had I been there, I wouldn't have thought you left to fart. The girl I know doesn't do that. She rips em where she stands. Hahaha! Love you!

~Amber jo~ said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was so hilarious!!!!! i'm so glad i was there to experience this story in person. haha i loved it! There's one thing to be said about being friends with Shaundra...there is never a dull moment! :)