Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lightbulb Moment! :)

Well I thought that I might do this every week but how about just whenever I have them. This weeks lightbulb moment is inspired by me. Why do you think we have embarrassing moments? I was pondering this the other day. Do you know what I think? We have embarrassing moments to share them! Life would be so dull if all of us were smart and refined at all times and never made any weird mistakes. Personally I love embarrassing moments. It is a great conversation starter on dates... "So... last summer I peed my pants" that one always gets a good conversation rolling. Maybe I am just weird but I love sharing my embarrassing moments with people, in fact maybe they shouldn't even be called that because they are embarrassing for a little bit but after awhile they just turn into funny moments. So I am going to share a couple of mine.
- Yes. I really did pee my pants last summer. I was at Youth Conference and some boys thought it would be funny to be a bear outside our tent. Well I already was about to go walk to the restroom when we thought we heard something. And then when the guy made an AMAZINGLY real sounding bear grunt right outside our tent there was no hope, I just couldn't hold it, I was too busy screaming "BEAR! HELP!"
- I have stolen a man's water bottle right out of his hands at Lagoon before because I thought the guy was my dad. When he said "Hey, that is my water bottle." I laughed and walked away. Oops. Sorry dad lookalike.
- This one isn't too embarrassing just dumb.... In Washington at this fish market they had a bunch of jelly and jams you could sample. You sample them with little sticks on the side. Well after about my 5th sample I realized I was pulling out of the used sticks... Surprisingly I am still healthy.
- I totally forgot about this one but Brooklyn reminded me! So Junior Prom last year we went to The Lion House Pantry..(I think that is what it is called) It is really yummy! But anyway you stand in a line to get your food kind of like you did at school lunch except it is a lot better. Well I was pretty hungry and I saw these lovely mint chocolates. And I thought "oh, how nice complimentary mints, I will just take mine before dinner rather then after." So I took a mint, and I ate the delicious mint. Well as I was enjoying my mint I saw a sign next to the mints that was facing the other way so I turned it to see what it said. Well it said "Mints: $0.25 each." Crap.... I just stole a mint on temple grounds! And I didn't know what to do because I didn't have any money... and I felt bad making my date pay for a mint that he didn't even offer me. Well I was standing there sweating from my guilt and hiding the rapper and this girl in my group wouldn't stop staring at me. I thought, "She totally knows what I just did." and we stared at each other. FINALLY I did the right thing and told my date and told him I would pay him back (which he didn't make me do, he was more then happy to buy me a mint) So I am happy to say that I am not going to you know where for a twenty-five cent mint because I confessed!
So! Don't be embarrassed of your embarrassing moments! It makes life more exciting.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sometimes it is just the chair.... hehe

Well I don't have much to blog about this week so I decided to share an experience I had this lovely Sunday. I am a bit embarrassed I must say... and I just want to tell everyone that sometimes when there is a loud farting noise it is really just the chair! I was in singles ward which means there is many good looking men ;) haha and I got a HUGE wedgy. I can honestly say I have never been that uncomfortable in my life. Well wait. No. I lied. I have, but it was still extremely uncomfortable. And I was trying to pick it discreetly and gracefully when my leg scraped against the chair and made an awful farting noise... oops... Then I guess I wasn't thinking but right after that I decided the wedgy had to go so I walked out of the room to pick it. And I guess all my friends thought I just walked out of the room to fart because I wasn't gone long. It isn't my fault that I wanted to get back in so I could here the amazing lesson. It crossed my mind that I needed to be a little longer and go to the bathroom or something so it didn't look weird but I was like nah.. no one will think that. Psh! So everyone sometimes it is just a chair instead of a fart, and sometimes people leave the room for a very brief times for other things besides farting in the hall. So next time someone does that I will not be quick to judge her/him as a farter. And even if they did fart who really cares! Everyone farts!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Presenting the Serve Team!!!

This was on the intersection of Wall Ave. and 12th street. 

Isn't this so cool!? I was just on 12th street and I saw this. At first it scared me... I just saw a bunch of people going up to cars and I thought that maybe they were selling things... or something weird. So I sadly admit that I locked my car.... but they were just going around to cars and giving people water bottles. Their shirts said Serve Team. Cute huh? And it was amazing to look around and see all the drivers smiling. Even though it was just a simple act of service like giving people water bottles it still brightened up peoples day. Now I have no idea why these people were doing this but it inspired me to join my own kind of "Serve Team" and start doing simple acts of service that brighten others days. Hope you enjoy this! :)  

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Scripture Answer!

I can't take any credit for this at all, President Chang from the YSA stake president did this but I just loved it so much and wanted to share!
So here are some common problems/emotions that we all feel and scriptures that can help you with them.  It is like a doctors prescription for your problem! haha Anyone seen best two years where the mission president gives the prescription of scriptures to read and how often to apply them? That is what this reminded me of!

"It's impossible"
Luke 18:27

"I am to tired"
Matthew 11:28-30

"I can't go on."
2 cor. 12:9

"I can't do it"
Phillipians 4:13

"I am not able"
2 cor 9:8

"I am not worth it"
Romans 8:20

"I can't manage"
Phillipians 4:19

"I can't figure things out"
Proverbs 3:5-6

"I am not smart"
1 cor. 1:30

"No one loves me."
John 3:16

"I'm afraid"
2 Timothy 1:7

"I am always worried/frustrated."
1 Peter 5:7

"I can't forgive"
1 John 1:9

"I don't have enough faith"
Romans 12:3

"I feel alone"
Hebrews 13:5

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This weeks "lightbulb" moment!

Remember on Despicable Me where he says "Lightbulb" when he has a realization. Well it has come time for me to say "Lightbulb!" haha 

I swear I have these once a week so I am going to try and post one once a week. But this week is inspired by my sweet missionary Elder Pratt. It is so amazing writing a missionary! Some days are so hard because you miss them so much but then once you get a letter you forget all about it. Well in this weeks letter he challenged me to do 3 things every night. Now this may sound sort of preachy but I want to challenge all of you to do this because it has really helped me so much just in these last couple days.
1. Study your scriptures every night- enjoy reading and learning from the scriptures. Don't just read but STUDY them. A quote that I love is "When we want to speak to God, we pray. When we want him to speak to us, we study the scriptures." So take the time to love your study time.
2. Write in your journal- now any of you that knows Blake can probably testify to the fact that he is not a journal writing boy. I honestly thought he would maybe write in his journal once a week if that because he always thought it was a girl thing. But I underestimated him. He started to write in his journal EVERY night. He says that he takes the time to write at least one way Heavenly Father has touched his life. So set a goal to write in your journal a specific amount of times- it doesn't have to be every day but it is really amazing how it changes your perspective if you do take that time to write once a day.
3. Pray out loud-  Elder Pratt told a story that Richard G. Scott told the MTC when he came and spoke to them. He said that on his mission in one of his first areas his Senior Companion liked to kneel on a pillow for companionship prayer and then stay there for personal prayers. Richard G. Scott didn't like this because it kept him from speaking his prayers. And when he just thought his prayers his mind would often wonder. So ever since Blake heard that he has started to saying his prayers aloud. I wish all of you could read the letter but it made me want to try it. And it is incredible! It is a whole different feeling. So I challenge you to just try it at least once.
Well enough preaching! I guess I was just so surprised and how much happier these things have made me. I challenge you to just do these 3 things for a week and I promise you will be so much happier. :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Singles Ward here I come!

Well... I am growing up... haha. I am moving on to bigger and better things. That is right.. I am going to start attending.... SINGLES WARD... haha. I am a little bit nervous. All those older people are a little bit intimidating. But you know what I found weird? Is that after 18 all the sudden age doesn't matter so much. Like and 18 year old can date a 22 year old, or hang out with a bunch of 20 year olds.. I dunno i guess it just surprised me. I went to their break the fast dinner though and it was so yummy :) But the best part was the fireside after. President Chang from the Singles Ward Stake Presidency spoke with his wife. His wife was so sweet. She said that sometimes your trials are like you are looking on one side of a hill and all you can see is all these thorns and then when you get through that trial and you are on the other side of the hill you look back and see all the roses. That is so true. Then President Chang got up and said that he feels like running in the streets and saying "I'm in love, I'm in love! And I don't care who knows it!" That is how much he loves his wife. haha It was so cute. He was so funny and he had some amazing things in his talk. I loved listening to him. One thing that I liked that he said was to not let anyone besides God define us. I will be completely honest I have let other people besides my Heavenly Father define me before. Isn't that what you do when you are comparing yourself to others? But he just said to stop comparing and to just let God define us and he will define us to our true potential or to our true definition. And it will be ten times better then the way that you or anyone else would define you. He also did a cool scripture answer like thing... I will post that on sunday.. So that is coming soon! :) You will love it!

Senior Trip :)

I got back from my Senior Trip to St. George last friday. It was so so so great. :) I love all my friends so much. It is sort of sad to think that most of us are separating. It was fun to spend the week with them. We have been there for each other all through high school. Sure we had our disagreements over the years and boyfriends and other things that made it harder to get together but we still all were still close and had so much to talk about the whole week. And the best part was..... NO DRAMA! Not even one single little fight.. :) Pretty amazing huh? Especially since we had to share 1 shower..... It was a blast though. The first day was all driving... :/ It wasn't to bad though. Amber was handy and brought To The Rescue-Thomas S. Monson's Biography. She read it to us :) Fantastic book! Then we arrived at Tyley's Grandma's house and ate some delicious lasagna and had a movie night. Then it was separation of the guys and gals to go to bed. EXCEPT.... The girls NEVER went to bed. :) haha We just had so much to catch up on. There was no time for sleep. We stayed up until 5 and realized we might as well run to Walmart to pick up all the food before the men woke up.
Aren't we all gorgeous?? :) 

We finally fell asleep around 7 and when we woke up we all went cliff diving at Sand Hollow. That is seriously the coolest place. :) So fantastic. They have a bunch of red rocks for the beach where you can get a great tan and then really pretty blue water. The cliffs range in sizes too- from smaller then a low dive to ten times bigger then a high dive... well.. not really but it seemed like it. I only was brave enough to go off the medium which was about the same size as a high dive. But it is still scary because you feel like you might hit the rocks. The next day was one of my favorites :) We went boating! We got to tube and drive wave runners. It was so much fun. I actually drove a wave runner as well and I wasn't to shabby at it. But NEVER EVER ride with Jake Yeagley or Tyler Powers. I have never been so terrified in my life. In fact don't ride with any boys EVER they are all crazy. The next day was hiking at Zion's National Park. It is so pretty there. I love hiking. And it was the perfect day to hike too. There was a nice breeze and it was a little cloudy. That is my kind of hiking weather.
Look at these amazing girls! This is Marina, Sinikka, Amber, and Me

Zions is so pretty! It is one of my favorite places. 

Aren't we buff? 

This is the whole gang! We had a blast. 

I should be a nature photographer huh? 

This is the amazing shoe tree that we found right outside of Zions.

 The last day we just decided to go shopping and go back and do some more cliff diving. I just laid out and tanned on the rocks. It was so fantastic. Funnest trip ever! I am going to miss all my friends so much. They are all so incredible. But I am excited for my future roomies! We are going to have so much fun next year. Utah State here we come :)