Sunday, May 29, 2011

So Long Roy High!

Dear Roy High,
Thanks for all the memories. We had some great times didn't we? Thanks for being the place where I could grow from the awkward/obnoxious tenth grader to a refined (sort of) Senior. In your halls I developed amazing friendships with friends that I am sure I will be friends with for the rest of my life. In your halls I found out who I really was and to not compare myself to other people, to be happy with who I am and to believe that I was beautiful. In your halls I learned how to flirt with cute boys and then eventually I learned how to be friends with boys and from that I have made some of the best guy friends ever. In your classrooms I learned that I could do hard things. I could pass Math 1050 and I could get a 4 on an AP test. In your classrooms I learned to value learning, I also learned that there was a time where you needed to buckle down and pay attention to the teacher and a time where you could take funky pictures with Amber Jo :) In your classrooms I learned that "your mom" and "that's what she said" jokes could be said to many other things and not be naughty. In your seminary I learned that I love the gospel! I learned that I do have my own testimony and how to strengthen it. In your seminary I learned that there were places I could go where I could get away from the world and feel peace.  On your sports fields I learned that it wasn't all about winning, sometimes it was just about being with friends. Football games were always so amazingly fun even if we were being slaughtered. In your commons I learned that sometimes if you are lucky after drivers ed the janitors play funky beats and you can dance with one of your best friends until your ride comes :)  In your dark corners I learned that I do NOT like PDA. It is actually disgusting. On your stage I learned that I love to dance, even if I am not very good at it. In your lunch room I learned how important friends were and to reach out to others that looked lonely. I have learned so many amazing lessons from you Roy High. Thanks for all of them. So long Roy High!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Travel Log :)

Rome, Italy
In this hotel room :)

Hotel Splendide Royal, Rome, Italy
I would take all my baths in roses in this tub.


I would stay in Four Seasons Sydney Hotel

In a Suite like this :)
I would relax with my feet up with this amazing view! And i would go see Opera's in the cool Sydney Opera House.
Paris, France

This is the Hotel Plaza Athenee

I would eat yumminess here :)

This would be my suite
or this one...

Hawaii :)
In the Hilton Hawaiin Village

I would attend a luau and then go on a date with the babe in the front :)

In this room.

I would stay in The Rockhouse Hotel

This would be where I would sleep.


grand-isle-resort-and-spa emerald-bay-bahamas
I would stay in this resort :)

grand-isle-resort-and-spa emerald-bay-bahamas
In this pent house :)
grand-isle-resort-and-spa emerald-bay-bahamas
With this view every morning...


In this hotel :) Cool name huh?
It is a hotel + a water world!

And I would have my very own aquarium in my room! And I am guessing that the bed is a water bed. I love water beds :)
New York 
I would stay in the Peninsula New York
Go to the spa EVERY morning AND night.

And I would sleep in this comfy suite :)

Well that is the first part of my travel log. I need more money! I wish that I was rich and I could travel the world and stay in luxurious places... someday :) haha I will do another post sometime where I talk about all the places I want to see in these places. But the first part of traveling is knowing where you are going to sleep, at least it is for me :)