Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Presenting the Serve Team!!!

This was on the intersection of Wall Ave. and 12th street. 

Isn't this so cool!? I was just on 12th street and I saw this. At first it scared me... I just saw a bunch of people going up to cars and I thought that maybe they were selling things... or something weird. So I sadly admit that I locked my car.... but they were just going around to cars and giving people water bottles. Their shirts said Serve Team. Cute huh? And it was amazing to look around and see all the drivers smiling. Even though it was just a simple act of service like giving people water bottles it still brightened up peoples day. Now I have no idea why these people were doing this but it inspired me to join my own kind of "Serve Team" and start doing simple acts of service that brighten others days. Hope you enjoy this! :)  

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~Amber jo~ said...

that is so cute! i personally would be terrified that i'd get ran over. haha but that is such a unique way to serve others. so simple but so kind.