About ME :)

My name is Shaundra. I just graduated from Roy High and I am loving life. I am getting ready to go to Utah State in the fall. Go Aggies! I love to read, run, and dance. I also love The Office-Dwight is my favorite, and I love Psych. I am a bit sarcastic..... And I am definitely RANDOM. I have an amazing family and amazing friends. I am just a little bit spoiled with all my blessings! I am a strong believer that one person can make a difference, and I am LDS and proud of it. I started a blog to spark up some of my creativity again. I think when I was a little girl I was dang creative and had an amazing imagination but then Junior High and High School happened and I guess I lost some of it. I actually love to write, but I love to choose what I want to write about. I am not a poet and I am definitely not the best with words (In fact I have a severe case of word diarhea) but hopefully I can amuse you :)