Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Light Bulb!

So I had another amazing Light Bulb moment this weekend. You know when something all of the sudden just hits you or you just realized something and wonder why the heck you didn't realize this sooner? Well I had that... But... before I tell you all about my amazing new insight I am going to catch you up with college.
I have had a great couple of weeks! I am meeting TONS of fun new people. The last weekends I have gone to an ugly sweater party, had girl talk with these fun new friends, went to an Acrobat show, and then remade the acrobat show with my roomie.Camped out for the BYU vs. Utah State game. Utah State dominated! Yes. It has been a great couple of weeks.
So now for my new insight.. So ever since I have moved out for college I have had the hardest time comparing myself to others.Well, I was at an amazing Utah State game and all of the sudden it just hit me like a rock as I was cheering on the Aggies. Do I really want to spend the rest of my life wishing I was someone else? Wishing that I was more beautiful, skinnier, had longer legs, or longer hair. Or wishing that I was peppier, or funnier, or more outgoing? Is this really how I want it to be the rest of my life? No. Definitely not. Why do we compare ourselves to others so much? I think everyone would be so much happier if they started accepting themselves for who they are and just worked to be the best they could be. So lets all stop comparing. Be proud of who you are :)