Saturday, July 2, 2011

My New Love

I am officially in love. In fact I am madly in love. WITH running. haha I know this sounds silly but holy cow it is seriously the best thing ever. Those of you who don't run really need to try it. I love the very beginning where you ask yourself "WHY AM I DOING THIS?!" And you think ok I will just run a half a mile and then you start running and you think "ok, I can do this, lets go a mile in a half, I am out here anyways." So you keep running. I love the point where you are a little bit half way through your run and you just want to die and give up and then BAM your second wind hits you. And I love the very end where you are SUPER tired but somehow you can sprint the rest of the way. AH..... It is just so great. I have never felt this way about anything in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE. And my body loves me when I run, It is just so happy. I am not chowing down food, I sleep A TON better, and I just feel better about myself.
So.. If you are looking for that little something extra in your life then plan a date with running! You will definitely fall in love.

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-The Frog Princess- said...

I think I'm just barely starting to fall in love with running. I like the idea of "making a date" with running. I'm gonna tell people that. haha