Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh Sweet Dreams. :)

Dreams... Wow. That is all I can say. Why do we have them? Honestly I think God was giving us some extra help with conversation starters. I can always get a good conversation going about dreams. Especially with me because my dreams are CRAZY........ One time I dreamt I got pregnant from touching a table, everyone accused me of being naughty but all I did was touch a table. It was a life changing dream. Or I have had nightmares about the scary dude from Aladdin, I still to this day can't watch that movie the same. That is why I do not know his name because I haven't watched it since that nightmare. Oh man! I hate the dreams where you dream about someone chasing you and you can't run for the life of you! Or when you get into your house and the lock on your door just keeps spinning.... brr... It makes me cringe. Or the dreams where you have no pants on or shirts. I have had those quite a few times. One time I had no shirt on and was in Seminary and I was trying to use my hair to cover me up like little mermaid does, which by the way really doesn't work at all. Or I have had dreams of going to Lagoon and I forgot to put on a bra and I went on cliff hanger and got soaked... That dream was awful. And I couldn't find a flippin bra anywhere! Dreams are just so silly. I honestly am so glad that I do dream though. I feel so bad for all of you out there who don't have interesting dreams. You are seriously missing out. Mine are so real but SO random. I love it! I was just thinking about this because I have had some CRAZY dreams everyday this week. But sometimes my dreams actually can ruin my day. Like if I have an especially sad one I feel sad the rest of the day... Or they can make me miss someone... But they can also make my day! Like if I were to dream that I married Josh Duhamel.... mmmm BABY! That would make my day! (No, sadly I haven't dreamt of that yet)  If you don't know who he is look him up in google, You won't regret it. I would just like to Thank you dreams for spicing up my life!
I couldn't resist I had to look him up right now... ah.... Don't be afraid to drool ;) 
Last one I promise. That is right ladies I think that is an 8 pack ;) Nice. 


Brooklyn McKenna said...

You WOULD count his "pack" hahaha. I keep having very real dreams too! They're usually stupid like Natalie Miller's ring was pink but it was the tiniest jewel ever haha. So funny.

~Amber jo~ said...

I love your dreams. It's so fun to hear them :) i wish i remembered my dreams better. i've had some pretty crazy ones though. I love dreams they're so cool. And oh still my pounding heart!! he is such a babe.