Saturday, July 23, 2011


Well... I have a month left before I am moved out! Holy cow isn't that crazy. I am so excited to start talking about college life. And to say that I am officially a hot college woman. That is right, once you enter college you are a woman. haha But I got some fun things for the apartment today :) So it just got me thinking about it. Well.. I guess you couldn't say fun but I got some organizers and such. Want me to tell you everything I have for my cute little apartment? Ok, I will! I now have a laundry basket, a cool baggy to put underwear and such in and you put it in the washer inside that bag and you don't lose your underwear and socks in the washer! I have a nifty bag to wash shoes in too. Pretty sweet, Thank you Walmart. I also have a lovely shoe hanger that can hold 20 pairs of shoes and takes up very little space in a closet. You are welcome Amber :) and I got a cool 6 shelf thingy for the closet as well. I also have a lime green rug with peace signs.  I am not much of a hippie but the selling point was the lime green. I have a cute, very cute, picture frame, a TV stand (hopefully we have a TV....), a frying pan, spatula, dish towels, iron, electric can opener, and make up holder thingy. I still have many more things left to buy but man this is fun! The next thing I plan on buying is this amazing lounge chair from Kohls. Roomies... You are going to be SO jealous of my lounge chair... Just sayin.
Sweet huh? It just needs to go on sale for like 15 bucks.. haha


Brooklyn McKenna said...

YAY for organizers! Are you just in love with them? You should see my hanging jewelry one. I promise to blog about it soon too. haha. LOVE YOU SHAUNDRA! :) Soon we will be living together... EEEEP! :) :)

~Amber jo~ said...

I am actually really jealous of your lounge chair..... and thanks to you and all your cute decorations, our apartment is so cute and cozy and feels like home :)