Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Stand Ye in Holy Places! Trek 2011

Yes. I went on Trek. Yes. It was amazing. Yes. It was long! This is actually my second Trek. I recommend it to anyone. It is tough and tiresome though. And be prepared to go to bed with your feet dirty and your skin slimy from sunscreen and mosquito repellent. But also be prepared to learn amazing lessons from the pioneers and the people in your family. Here is what I learned on this Trek, I hope you enjoy!
1. I am so happy for amazing friends! :) Me, Amber Jo, and Shelbi had so much fun together. They are all so amazing and they strengthen my testimony so much. I am so grateful for them!
Aren't we adorable? We had a blast! Yes. We did go to the bathroom together. Often. haha 
2. I learned am so excited to have my own family some day! I had the opportunity to be a Ma on this trip and it was so much fun! I loved bonding with my family. And it made me so excited for when I get to have my own family. I am going to be an amazing mom! 
The Rocketeers was our family name! That is what the flag says in the back! :) 
3. I have wondered many times why the pioneers traveled many miles to Salt Lake City. The answer should've been obvious, but I always thought it was just so the Saints could gather, and that was a big part of it. But the bigger part of it was for the Temple. And for the first time I realized that I would travel many of hundreds of miles like the pioneers for the blessing of the temple as well. I am so grateful that I live so close to a temple!
                                            Wouldn't you walk thousands of miles for this?? 

4. I learned that arranged marriages could work out but I am very glad that we don't do it like that and we are able to fall in love and get married. But it was cool to see all the Ma's and Pa's getting along and talking. There was a few that didn't really bond at all but I think you had to try pretty hard not to bond with your Pa. 
This is me and my Pa. Isn't he a stud? 
5. I learned how important journal writing was. There was so many amazing stories that we were told on Trek and we wouldn't have any of those if those amazing pioneers didn't keep a journal. I am so grateful they did! Isn't it weird to think some day someone could be reading your journal and be touched? So cool! 
6. I learned that I love sharing the gospel! I had one member in my family that was a non member and one night he started asking me and a few others in our family about the gospel. The spirit was so strong! I loved answering his questions and feeling the spirit manifesting himself to him. He may not get baptized any time soon or even in this life time but we definitely planted a seed and it was great to be apart of that! 
7. I learned that I could do hard things! We had a women's pull where the men left and the women in the family had to pull the wagon for a little bit. I didn't expect it to be too hard but it started to rain and the wind was going like crazy and my back started spazzing so bad half way through that I could barely breathe. It was very hard. But us girls in my family were tough and we kept pushing. And we made it! I have no idea how those amazing pioneers did it every day. 
We had more people pushing then that and it was still hard, they were amazing! 

8. I learned that I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood. When all the men left for the women's pull you could feel there power leave. And you almost felt desperate for a little bit. And when you walked past them you got so much strength just from feeling there amazing power. I am so grateful for the men in my life and how they honor their priesthood power. I also grateful that Heavenly Father entrusted these incredible men with such a precious gift. 
9. I learned that miracles happen in each one of our life's daily. We just need to be looking for them. Sometimes they don't come in the way we expected but they do come. One of my miracles on this Trek was the women's pull. Right before one of my kids  asked if we could say a prayer for strength. I was hoping that would make it easier but it didn't. And that was my miracle as weird as that sounds. Because of how hard it was I was able to feel for a brief moment how the pioneers must have felt and how difficult it was for them. Another one was being able to share the gospel with the boy in my family. I will treasure these miracles for the rest of my life!
10. We had a support crew that would always have a yummy dinner made and they would help set up our camp and put down the camp. I learned that we all have our support crews in our life. Sometimes they change and some of us have many of them. The biggest support crew I have in my life is My Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. They provide me with all the support I need including one of my other support crews which is my family! I am so thankful to them for the support that they have given me through out my life. I am also grateful for the support my family has given me as well. I am so blessed! 


Brooklyn McKenna said...

Aw Shaundra you're making me cry over here! -Good thing I haven't gotten ready for the day yet. tee hee!) This sounds amazing and it is exactly what I needed to get myself to go on another Trek in two weeks. I wasn't excited since I have already been, but now I am. Love you girl!

~Amber jo~ said...

that was so much fun with you. i'm so glad you went. it wouldn't have been the same without you and shelbi and nikki and nalani. Some of my highlights were being with you girls in the evenings. with our bathroom trips and out hyperness. haha so much fun. love the post. :)