Monday, March 14, 2011

According to Shaundra

Here is some RANDOM facts about me that you probably didn't know. The credit of this idea goes to Brooklyn and Amber. So i hope you enjoy. :)
-I am a TV-a-holic. Ever since my family has gotten Netflix I love TV. The first week we got it all i did was watch TV. I really have to make a goal to not go home and watch TV, i am seriously considering becoming a couch potatoe in the future.
-I have a sister that is 9 years older then me. And she is my best friend :)
-I have attempted to write a screen play for a movie. It was called Badillya Bla and it was well... interesting.
-I played barbies and house tilll i was in 7th grade.... I secretly can't wait to have a little girl so i can start playing those games again.
-I love to decorate rooms. I am so excited to move out and be able to decorate my apartment with my friends and then to eventually have a home of my own that i can do whatever i want with it. :)
-I love to read! It is the best feeling to be into an amazing book and not wanting to put it down.
-I have been in two plays. One was in 6th grade and i was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. The other one was Grease. I like to be in plays but don't absolutely love it so i probably won't be doing one again.
-I love to watch plays! Me and my family usually take a vacation to St. George every summer. My favorite part is going to Tucahn for their plays. I am going to see Wicked in May thanks to my grandma :) I can't wait!
-I have 3 full journals and probably 3 half full journals. One of my favorite things to do is go through my journals and to read about my life. I love reading about the times in my life that i thought were so hard and seeing how i got through them, and that looking back they really weren't that bad. It gives me strength to know that with my trials that i am having now i will look back someday and realize wow that was nothing!
-I eat super fast. At family dinner i usually finish before my dad and my two brothers. I just chow down. Especially if it is deserts, except icecream, icecream i eat really slow.
-I have never had a bad job... but i have only had two. But with both my jobs i have had amazing bosses and supervisors that were so much fun! And both i have had such fun people to work with.
-I have never gone to a concert. :(
-I love to dance. I have only been dancing for 3 years so i am not amazing but i love it. I love how graceful and pretty you feel.
-I love dance recitals! Especially when i am in them. I love putting the costume, song, and dance all together and showing off my moves, or if it is hip hop showing off my lack of moves.
-I have no sense of beat. I notice it a little when i am dancing but other then that i don't notice it at all. Thinking about it i have no idea how i even get counts when i am dancing.
-My favorite place to go for icecream is Farrs Fresh. I love the new self serving icecream/frozen yogurt shops that are coming out. It is so yummy :)
-I love to clean! When i am mad or stressed out it always help to clean. But when i am cleaning i mostly like just being alone, i don't really like help with the room i am cleaning.
-I am a bit of a clean freak. I can still function when my house is messy, in fact it is usually messy, but i can't have it scummy. Like when there is scum on the walls and black all over the toilets, sinks, and showers. I freak and i start to gag even when it just starts to appear. I also get super stressed out when my house is to messy. My favorite feeling is coming home after i just cleaned and it still is spotless.
- I am LDS. The best part about my life is my religion. It is my rock, without it i have no idea how i would get through this life.
-I don't like reading books more then once. I hate it because i always remember everything that happens in the book half way through and then it seems pointless to finish reading. The only books that i have ever read more then once is The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom and The Book of Mormon.
- I love to see the Temple! I love everything about temples. It is such a blessing that Heavenly Father allows temples to be built today. I love the feeling i get when i am there. I feel peaceful and i can feel exactly how much i am loved. Just seeing any temple from the freeway warms my heart!
-I want to get married in either the Salt Lake or Logan Temple.

-I love reading the Book of Mormon. It is amazing to me that no matter how many times you read it you always learn something new. :)
-I love sundays! I love how different it is, it is like no other day in the week. I love the opportunity i have to go to church and renew my covenants and to be spiritually fed. I don't really like to watch movies on sundays, i usually make it more of a day to talk with my families and read books and study the scriptures.
-I love to shop. This last summer i actually went through a bit of a scary phase where i spent 300 dollars on clothes.... i would lay down at night and be planning on what else i wanted to go and buy. Has anyone seen Confessions of a Shopaholic? That was me. My eyes were open though and i realized college doesn't pay for itself. I also realized that watching your savings account increase feels a whole lot better then handing the cashier my money..
- Well after the whole scary shopping freak out i realized that i have a new love. Budgetting. I love to plan and follow a budget. It is so fullfilling! Pay day is my favorite day not because i get money but because i get to move money around. I love only leaving the set amount money in checking i need in gas, putting a little money in one savings account to save up for an event that maybe coming up, and then putting the rest in my college fund. I love it so much!
- I am an an aunt to my sisters 3 adorable kids. Zack is 4, Brooklyn is 2, and Carter is 6 months i think. I love them so much. They always make my day, we always have so much fun together. We love to play Queen and King where i am the servant or the princess. We also play Peter Pan on my play set in the back,  when we swing we always yell "We're off to Neverland!" and any other ideas that come into our mind. It is so fun to just use your imagination and to watch the kids use theirs. It makes me so excited to eventually have my own kids.
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- I love to organize things. About once of 3 months i go through and reorganize my room.
- I love to get letters from my missionary. They always make me so happy and it amazes me how much he continues to grow.  It is so fun to write letters :) to find ways to strenthen yourself and him and to make him smile. It is the best thing in the world. It is fun because you get to know their spiritual side. :)
- My new favorite Disney Movie is Tangled!
- My all time favorite princess has always been Belle :)
- My favorite feeling in the whole entire world is to wake up on your own time and you just feel so warm and comfy, and you just get to lay in bed for a while. It is amazing.
- My favorite smell is the smell right after it rains. Everything just smells so clean and fresh!
- I love to dance in the rain :) especially if it is with a handsome man named Blake Pratt.
Well that is it for now :) I will probably add as I think of more things but i hope you enjoy :)

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I loved this!!! I'll have to retest and remember it all for college :)