Friday, February 25, 2011

Utah State here I come!

Well college has been on my mind a lot lately! Me and my cute roomies paid our securitiy deposit for our apartment! It is so cute :) I am so excited to live with these amazing girls. All of them have so much that they can teach me. And Utah State is definitely where i want to be. I always imagined when i was little going to Harvard because i wanted to be an attorney..... but wow i could never move clear to Massachusetts or wherever the heck Harvard is. Utah State is the perfect school for me. It has a good Social Work program which i am seriously considering. It is far enough away that i need to move out but then it is not to far that i can't go home whenever i need to. It is just perfect. The other plus side of it is i am moving out with friends. I don't have to do the whole scary thing of going to a new school, living with total strangers, and having to find all new friends. I get to live with my friends and make even more friends. I am super excited! Only 26 ish weeks to go! I even bought a lime green rug at walmart the other day because it was super cheep and would look super cute in the apartment. I have this little box of college things that i am starting. It now holds a pan, a spatula, a cool picture frame, dish rags, dish towels, and a lime green rug! So college life is going to be amazing. Utah State here i come!


-The Frog Princess- said...

I can't wait to live with you! It will be so fun and we will help each other through all the hard

I can't wait to live with you Shaundra! We will help each other through all the hard times :) LOVE YOU LOTS!

~Amber jo~ said...

AAAAHHHHH!!!! i'm so stoked! i can't wait to live with you. I agree with all the reasons why USU will be awesome. I still can't believe you bought a rug. you are too cute. :) i can't stop thinking about it. My dad makes fun of me because i keep asking him questions about it and stuff. i just want to be prepared ya know?