Thursday, October 6, 2011


Yes. Everyone.. I did a Triathlon! And.. It was.... AMAZING!!!! And I have to thank my amazing sister for convincing me into it. I have always wanted to do some kind of "athlon". But I think that I am madly in love with Triathlons. They are SO much fun.
Our Triathlon was in Snowflake Arizona. Never heard of it? Well it is the cutest little town in Arizona. One of those towns where everyone knows everyone. My sister's brother in law was the chairman of that race so that is why we decided to take a little trip to Arizona to do a Tri.
It was a sprint distance Triathlon.. Which pretty much means it isn't as long as normal ones.. It was a 525 yd swim (10.5 laps I think.. But 525 yds sounds further), 13 mile bike ride, and a 5k run. I have never really swam before this at all, but the swimming was actually my favorite part. The bike ride was ok... there was just a lot of hills... Who likes hills when they are riding a bike? Not me. But the city was beautiful! And we rode past the Snowflake temple.That was neat! The run.. sucked. Legs do not like to switch from biking to running. They were screaming at me to stop the first mile, which I triumphantly told them to SHUSH and kept running.... And running... I definitely decided that I never want to run a Marathon... But I finished! And it felt so great. Life goal accomplished! I decided to make a goal on trying to do one a year :) And someday maybe I will get the guts to attempt a half marathon, and a full triathlon :)
Me and My sissy :) 

Yup... That is the finish line! Sadly I didn't get any pictures during the race.... :(

My body markings.. I felt so legit with these. 18 is my age and 28 is my number :) 


~Amber jo~ said...

you go girl! i'm so proud of you for actually doing this. That's incredible. I would probably die...during all three parts. haha

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I recently did a race where I had to bike for bike 20 miles and then was supposed to jog. OMG! I could barely shuffle along. My legs hated me. lol