Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sometimes you just got to Plank...

Well I am in college! And I am just loving it! I went to my first frat party tonight... wow... It was um.. interesting. Me and my roomies got there at like 920 ish and left at 10.. we figured that planking around campus would be more uplifting. Don't know what planking is??? Well... You are definitely missing out then! Pretty much you just go on some random object and balance with you stomach putting your feet up and your hands to your sides. It was pretty fun! And very uplifting.

Sorry guys! I meant to post this about a month ago and forgot! Hopefully you enjoy! More to come on college soon :)

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~Amber jo~ said...

haha that was so much fun!! we need to have more spontaneous evenings like that. I thought it was funny how into it the boys got. haha i wasn't about to plank on anything for real. haha