Friday, May 20, 2011

Travel Log :)

Rome, Italy
In this hotel room :)

Hotel Splendide Royal, Rome, Italy
I would take all my baths in roses in this tub.


I would stay in Four Seasons Sydney Hotel

In a Suite like this :)
I would relax with my feet up with this amazing view! And i would go see Opera's in the cool Sydney Opera House.
Paris, France

This is the Hotel Plaza Athenee

I would eat yumminess here :)

This would be my suite
or this one...

Hawaii :)
In the Hilton Hawaiin Village

I would attend a luau and then go on a date with the babe in the front :)

In this room.

I would stay in The Rockhouse Hotel

This would be where I would sleep.


grand-isle-resort-and-spa emerald-bay-bahamas
I would stay in this resort :)

grand-isle-resort-and-spa emerald-bay-bahamas
In this pent house :)
grand-isle-resort-and-spa emerald-bay-bahamas
With this view every morning...


In this hotel :) Cool name huh?
It is a hotel + a water world!

And I would have my very own aquarium in my room! And I am guessing that the bed is a water bed. I love water beds :)
New York 
I would stay in the Peninsula New York
Go to the spa EVERY morning AND night.

And I would sleep in this comfy suite :)

Well that is the first part of my travel log. I need more money! I wish that I was rich and I could travel the world and stay in luxurious places... someday :) haha I will do another post sometime where I talk about all the places I want to see in these places. But the first part of traveling is knowing where you are going to sleep, at least it is for me :)


-The Frog Princess- said...

This makes me want to travel. You should take me with all the money you have. Please? :) I especially love the Hawaii pictures!

~Amber jo~ said...

oh if only it were real...and that i was going on all of it with you. ps-i loved how you said you were going on a date with the hawaiian man and the next picture said "in this room". haha just made me chuckle. ;)

Shaundra :) said...

Oh dear... I did not realize that! I think that my pictures got out of order... haha I want to go on a date with that hawaiin man but not in a room. haha